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IBM Slamtracker

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What is IBM SlamTracker

Follow live scores point by point, real-time statistics and comprehensive analytical match analysis of The Championships with IBM Slamtracker. Slamtracker visualises statistics data to give you unique insight into the way your favourite players are performing. The "Dashboard" is updated in real-time with current game statistics as the match unfolds providing another interesting dimension to following and analyse play.

Keys to the Match

Leveraging IBM predictive analytics technology, we analyse over 8 years worth of Grand Slam Tennis data (˜41 million data points) to find patterns and styles for players when they win. This knowledge is applied against an opponent's patterns and style to determine the "keys" to the match for each player.

Prior to each match, the IBM Keys to the Match system will run an analysis of both competitors historic head-to-head stats, as well as stats against comparable play styles, to determine the "keys to winning" the match. The system ranks and filters the results into the top 3 keys.

Social Sentiment

New for this year's Wimbledon IBM be monitoring the public conversation on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. From this we can understand what fans are saying, gauging the social sentiment about individual players. We will then be adding this social sentiment analysis to SlamTracker and tracking the percentage of positive sentiment for players as the match progresses, allowing fans to see how a players performance on the court is matched by their social performance off it. With every fan’s encouraging tweet about a player their social sentiment performance will improve.

IBM Slamtracker is available for all matches played at Wimbledon, and shows keys for all Gentlemen's Singles and Ladies' Singles matches on Show Courts.